Glitched Dragons

Some of you may have experienced weird battle report recently. Well, you’re right, the battle reports were weird because the Dragons are glitched. Dragons are not working properly. How I know this? Easy…test it!

While a Mephitic Serpent should kill a level 12 Great Dragon easily when attacking try sending it to kill any Great Dragon. You will notice that the Serpent does no damage to the Great Dragon even if the attacker always gets the first turn in battle. The Mephitic Serpent is non ranged troop and it has a speed of 800, so it should cross the battle field and hit the Great Dragon first. Yet that doesn’t happen. The Serpent deals 0 damage to the Great Dragon and that’s just proff that it is glitched. 1 Battle Dragon deals more damage to the Great Dragon than the Serpent and that’s not normal.

Like I said…a level 10 Mephitic Serpent should have no problem killing a Great Dragon level 12.

This glitch started the day we had the Anthropus camps glitch. Kabam fixed the Anthropus  Camps glitch, but the Dragons are still glitched. You can do more tests with other Dragons and you will notice all of them are glitched. All Dragons now travel with the same speed even if their speed should be different. Great Dragon level 12 has a speed of  1000, Water Dragon 900, Stone Dragon 650, Fire Dragon 850, Wind Dragon 1300, Frost Dragon 850, Mephitic Serpent 800, Amber Crest Dragon 300, Helio Dragon 750. While they have different speed try sending them all to the same location and you will notice they don’t travel with their speed. That is also glitched. The speed of all the Dragons is now 300. All Dragons, including Wraith Dragon travel with the speed of 300 now. Wraith Dragon’s speed was glitched since the day Wraith was released. Wraith always had a speed of 300, even if his stats show a speed of 1100. The other Dragons worked properly until the day when the Anthropus Camps gliched and killed everyone’s troops. Now all the Dragons are glitched.

So you are right, the battle reports you found to be weird are weird for a reason – the Dragons are glitched and that changes the battle mechanics completely.


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